11 Reasons to Stay in Dubuque This Summer

1. The Farmers Market. Who doesn’t love fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies? That, combined with the fun atmosphere, crafts, and other goodies you can find at the market makes it THE place to be on Saturday mornings.

2. Vacation comes to you. Because you’re not going home, friends and family still want to see you and the best part is that they come to you. Getting to treat your new hometown of Dubuque as if you’re on vacation gives you a fun new look on our little, old-timey town.

3. The Riverwalk. Is there anything prettier in the Midwest than the calm waves of the mighty Mississippi lapping against the shoreline? Not a bad place to meet new people either because it’s always the place to be. Which brings us to …

4. You get to go make new friends! Because not everyone stays for the summer, you get to explore and expand the people you know here in Dubuque and maybe make a new friend or two.

5. All the cute shops in downtown and Galena. Take a ride on the 4th Street Elevator, sample some amazing Calico Bean peanut butter, stop for some top notch coffee to drink while browsing antiques, clothes, and décor before lunching on samples at Chef Ivo’s. Can’t think of a better shopping experience between these two top-notch towns.

6. There’s no school work. Dubuque is a different experience when you don’t have the weight of academic work hanging over your head. You find yourself with some more free time and a little less stress.

7. Summer body? No problem with the Dubuque hills. I think we’re all familiar with the elevation here in Dubuque, but with some of your time freed up from lack of school work, really take the time to explore (on foot) and work on your summer fitness goals without even thinking about it.

8. The porches and patios at your favorite places are open. Just when you thought Monk’s, Charlotte’s, Einstein’s, and all your favorites couldn’t get any better, add some sunshine and a nice breeze and your day is lookin’ mighty fine.

9. The Mines, Swiss Valley Eagle Point Park … Where are my hiking shoes?

10. Beecher’s & Sweet Memories. Enough said.

11. You gain just a little bit of independence and insight into the real world. While the whole point of college is to get ready for the real world and be out on your own (often times for the first time), the summer is an entirely different atmosphere that can really test your strengths and do a little trial run for what it really means to be on your own.

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Written By :

Natalie Droeske is the Executive Sports Editor for The Lorian.

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