11 Reasons to Show Up to Your Shift in the Cafe

1. $$$$.  This one is first because it’s the one factor that’s common among all jobs. We all need money, but in order to be paid, you need to put in the hours.  Loras provides this access to income for all students on campus. All you need to do is show up when you’re scheduled.

2. Everyone needs to eat. Food. Water. Shelter. These are general human needs that people need fulfilled. There’s grace in service to others in this regard.

3. Yes, it’s a real job. You get scheduled. You get work done. You learn how to improve your work style. You get paid. That’s a real job that really works.

4. You learn the environment of a varied workplace. I’m so heartbroken when people say they want a big kid job instead of working on campus dining as a first job. Campus dining is the perfect first job for people who’ve never had a regular job before. People typically won’t hire someone who doesn’t have any prior work experience for a bigger job.

5. The Aramark workers and new management are awesome. You get to meet some really amazing people at this job. Why would you rob yourself the opportunity to learn more about Karen? She’s legendary. She’s terrific.  She’s great.

6. Many hands make for EFFECTIVE work. Remember when the ice cream machine was broken? We were understaffed and no one had time to fix it. This is what happens. We aren’t McDonald’s. We care about our ice cream machine.  Don’t let this happen. Go to work.

7. You remember to feed yourself when you’re at work. It sounds like a joke, but believe me. There will be a time when you go a day and realize you didn’t stop to refuel. The human body isn’t made to run on fumes.

8. Three words: Joe’s. Banana. Bread.  Joe’s the executive chef in the caf and I’m telling you this now. The rumored banana bread is real and it’s heavenly. Just you wait, the day will come where Joe brings this glorious reward. You’ll still get paid like normal, but this will feel like you just got a raise.

9. Promotional opportunities and post-college prospects. With good work experience it’s easy to get people to vouch for you when needed. There’s also quite a bit of invisible power in the purple polo. Having that shift from student worker to student manager provides an interesting tidbit to your resume shows that you’re a worker worth keeping. Employers love seeing that.

10. Catering events can provide an excellent networking opportunity. I have a regent’s email in my back pocket because he was happy with the work I did at his daughter’s wedding. The people we do work for are always so appreciative of a job well done and will do what they can to contribute to the success of their Loras students.

11.  It builds character. Showing up to work and doing your job well repeatedly turns you into a better person. Don’t ask the formula as it’s written by God Himself, just trust me on this one.

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Adrienne is currently a senior at Loras College from Byron, Illinois. She is the sports producer and reporter for LCTV News and a staff writer at the Lorian. After graduation, she hopes to work as an editor in creative video production.

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