11 Questions Every Duhawk Has When School Starts Again

1.  “Wait, I have to move myself in?” Our first year had us spoiled with the eager Duhawks ready to take your futon and mini fridge to the fourth floor of Beckman with a smile on their face. Sophomore year was a rude awakening when we had to do it all ourselves. Every year it doesn’t get any easier.

2.  “Why are textbooks so expensive?” It seems like costs go up every semester. The books get heavier and more costly. I never seem to estimate correctly how much I’m going to spend.

3.  “Where is my classroom?” First-years, you’re not alone. Every semester, I always have to ask the person next to me if I’m in the right classroom. There’s nothing more awkward than going to the wrong class on the first day of school.

4.  “Do I actually have to read the syllabus?” Yes. The answer is always yes. I’ve been guilty of skipping over it, but then asking a question about it. The professor gives the same response, “It was on the syllabus.” Don’t be like me.

5.  “Who are these people?” After awhile, you get used to seeing the same people in your classes according to your major. So when you walk into that random Advanced Gen Ed, it makes you wonder where all these people came from.

6.  “How did I do this last year?” Almost immediately: emails, commitments, clubs, and the works start piling up, filling your Outlook calendar to the brim. It makes you wonder if you even have sanity.

7.  “Did these hills get steeper?” Optimistic me thinks I can tackle walking up Loras Boulevard on the first day without any sort of conditioning to prepare myself. I swear, over the summer little elves come in and make the walk harder just to spite me.

8.  “Where are all my friends?” I love the first week of school when you start to see everyone. It’s such a positive energy. There’s almost a mental checklist where I try to see everyone as soon as I can.

9.  “How do I make food?” Home has me spoiled. It’s where Mom and Dad do all the cooking and food shopping, and all I have to do is the occasional round of dishes. Now that I’m in an apartment, I actually have to make food? *Shops in the frozen section of Walmart.*

10.  “How can I be healthier this year?” I try my best to shape my habits in order to be more health-conscious. It helps keep my energy up, my skin clearer, and my immune system fighting. It’s the little things like choosing healthier foods at lunch and carrying a water bottle that make a difference.

11.  “How did I live without this place for three months?” It seemed like the second I left, I was counting down until I could come back. Although I loved being home with my family and dog, Loras has my heart and I’m so excited to be back.

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Kayla Thompson is the News Editor for The Lorian.

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