11 places to get your caffeine fix

As college students, caffeine is our friend, spending time with us at the library studying for the exam tomorrow. Pulling an all nighter in your room typing a paper. Working a double-shift on our off-campus job, as if we don’t have enough to do already. And because of all the stress that you are under, you deserve to know where you can get your fix.

  1. Charlotte’s Coffee House – Considered the ‘living room’ of the Dubuque community, Charlotte’s offers a friendly environment where you can recharge your batteries (mental and technological). [4.7/5.0]
  2. Inspire Café – Boasts their industrial chic environment and their vegetarian and vegan options. This place is sure to be your home away from home. [4.6/5.0]
  3. Jitterz Coffee & Café – Your friendly neighborhood coffee shop has a quaint atmosphere. They offer smaller portions for those with smaller appetites. [4.6/5.0]
  4. Monks – A funky and hip environment that draws you in with occasional live music. Good vibes + good coffee = great choice. [4.8/5.0]
  5. Jumble Coffee Company – This place is perfect for a quick quality cup of coffee on those days that you’re on the go. [4.8/5.0]
  6. One Mean Bean – Visually appealing from the outside with a warm and cozy inside. Offer real mugs for your cups of coffee that don’t break the bank. [4.5/5.0]
  7. Habits Coffee & Mini Donut – We couldn’t find much about this place but we do know people like it a lot on google. [5.0/5.0]
  8. Dottie’s Café – Satisfactory at any time of day with offering brunch. The ma and pa restaurant will treat you like family with their low prices. [4.3/5.0]
  9. Magoo’s Brew – Although the hours online are not accurate, they offer some great coffee and pizza. A perfect diet for a college student. [3.8/5.0]
  10. Starbucks – The most basic option on the list and can ultimately be the safest version. You may even see one of your classmates brewing your cup on the other side of the counter! [4.4/5.0]
  11. Dunkin’ – Right across the street from the standalone Starbucks with a livelier environment. It also doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet. [4.1/5.0]

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Kelsey Lansing is the Excecutive Editor for The Lorian.

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