11 interesting facts about September

1. It was the month the band-aid was invented. And where would we be today without this beautiful and extremely helpful medical item?

2. It’s technically Mickey Mouse’s real birthday month. He made his first debut on Sept. 19, 1928 in a short animation clip. But nobody paid attention to him until his first film “Steamboat Willie” in November 1928, which drew national attention as it was the first animated film to use synchronized music and sound effects with animation.
* It’s also the birthday month of the New York Times. The first edition of the New York Times was published on Sept.18, 1851.

3. As we’re on the topic of birthdays, September’s birthstone is sapphire. It is a beautiful blue stone that symbolizes peacefulness, intuition, and clarity of thought.

4. Aside from birthdays, apparently September is all about food. September is National Chicken Month, National Rice Month, National Potato Month, and National All-American Breakfast Month. Major props to anyone who can fit all three food items into one All-American breakfast! International chocolate day is also on Sept. 13. Although Sept. 13 is already past us, we can still celebrate, right?

5. The eighth planet in our solar system was discovered in September. That’s right: Neptune. The existence of Neptune was actually predicted mathematically before we even saw it through a telescope, but a little after midnight on Sept. 23, 1846, the dark blue planet was actually sighted.

6. September is the only month with the same number of letters in its name (in English) as its month number on a calendar. It is the ninth month, and — feel free to count the number of letters for yourself if you don’t believe me — there are nine letters in “September.”

7. At least six films have had the title “September,” which is more than any other month. They were released in 1987, 1996, 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2013. “September” (1987) is a love story directed by Woody Allen, “September” (1996) is a murder mystery set in the Scottish Highlands, and the 2003, 2006, 2007, and 2013 versions of ‘September’ are all tributes to the terrible events of Sept. 9, 2001.

8. The only U.S. president to have had a September birthday was William Taft. He was our 27th president, serving from 1909 to 1913. And yes, this is the same 330-pound president who got stuck in a bathtub!

9. Shakespeare did not mention September in any of his plays. Apparently midsummer nights don’t include September nights, although with the weather we’ve had lately, I would argue that September weather is equivalent to summer weather!

10. The novel “The Wizard of Oz” was published on Sept. 3, 1900. Thanks, L. Frank Baum!

11. Babe Ruth hit his first home run in the month of September. It happened on Sept. 5, 1915, at Hanlan’s Point on Toronto Island. Of course, this paved the way for many more home runs to come!

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