11 Fun Holidays to Celebrate in March

March has never been a month I’ve looked forward to. Besides Saint Patrick’s Day and the occasional Easter Sunday, there’s not much to celebrate. Here is a list of 11 fun and random holidays that you can celebrate this month to make it more fun!

1.  I Want You to Be Happy Day (March 3): There’s not enough positivity in the world anymore.  This day is there to make other people’s day better! Spread kindness on this special holiday!

2.  Popcorn Lover’s Day (March 9): Who doesn’t love popcorn? Celebrate by popping a bag of popcorn and watch that movie you’ve been meaning to on Netflix.

3.  Johnny Appleseed Day (March 11): I’m pretty sure everyone sang the song as a kid. If not, look it up, it’s catchy! Enjoy an apple while reminiscing on the simpler times of elementary school celebrations.

4.  National Pi Day (March 14): 3.14159 … even though this was as many numbers as I ever remembered, it gave me an excuse to eat pie in middle school algebra class and still today.

5.  Ides of March (March 15): Julius Caesar was warned to beware of this day. However, he didn’t and got stabbed by all his friends. Fellow Shakespeare nerds still celebrate 2000 years later.

6.  Alien Abduction Day (March 20): Whether or not you believe in aliens, it’s entertaining to read all the stories of those who claim to have been abducted. Embrace your inner sci-fi nerd and imagine what’s out there.

7.  Goof Off Day (March 22): I’m not saying completely avoid responsibility, but at least there’s a good excuse to procrastinate today.

8.  Puppy Day (March 23): Anyone who knows me knows I love dogs. Who doesn’t? Appreciate your furry best friend and maybe even see them soon!

9.  Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March 26): Here’s a chance to be creative! Find something you want to celebrate, and celebrate!

10.  Mom and Pop Business Owners Day (March 29): There are so many unique local businesses in this area. There are stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and more. Take this time to go find some of the best Dubuque has to offer!

11.  Bunsen Burner Day (March 31): Everyone had to use one for high school chemistry class. This day celebrates inventor Robert von Bunsen’s birthday. This holiday will be lit (I had to).

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Kayla Thompson is the News Editor for The Lorian.

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