10 Best Tacos in Dubuque

Alright, everyone, here’s the deal. If you don’t like Mexican food, stop reading immediately. If you think burritos are superior to tacos, this is not the list for you. If you think Dubuque has no decent Mexican cuisine to offer, you are in for a rude awakening. They’re mostly Mexican restaurants themselves, but not exclusively, so pay attention.

Here’s my list of Dubuque’s best tacos, ranked in order for your organizational pleasure.

9/10. Taco John’s — The tacos are okay, but everyone knows you go for the potato ole’s anyway.

9/10. Taco Bell — If you don’t think about what you’re consuming too much, you might be able to consider this a taco.

For both of these options, the cheap prices and wild variety of options might just make them a worthwhile option for college students, but I’m begging you to please expand your horizons if you think you might actually appreciate Mexican food.

8. Buffalo Wild Wings — Hey, if we’re considering Taco Bell Mexican food…B-Dubs now has “Street Tacos” on their menu — garlic chicken, pico de gallo, southwestern sauce, and fresh cilantro all wrapped up in a little tortilla straight from heaven.

7. Carlos O’Kelly’s — Excellent quality, above-college prices. Their a la carte prices help if you’re trying to stay within a budget, as do their frequent $1 queso and $1 margarita nights.

6. Los Aztecas — With two locations in Dubuque, this one is a fan favorite for sure. While their tacos might not be high on the list of quality food here, they’re nothing to scoff at either.

5. Fiesta Cancun — Essentially the same as Los Aztecas, but why fix what ain’t broke?

4. Panchero’s — While their burritos are obviously superior,
if you’re looking for a cheaper, smaller, or slightly healthier option, their tacos on corn tortillas are surely an option!

3. Mi Ranchito — While this restaurant might not qualify for “college cheap,” the quality and service more than make up for it. Authentic Mexican cuisine, absolutely top notch.

2. Adobo’s — A more authentic version of Panchero’s, located downtown (mere blocks from campus), this place also offers an awesome student discount.

1. El Paisano — Shout out to food friends who show you awesome obscure places to get tacos. This place is technically a Mexican grocery store, but the owners make the most amazing tacos out of their kitchen in the back — $2.50 for a taco the size of a burrito, with the best meat options a Mexican kitchen can supply, including chorizo and beef tongue.

So at the end of the day, my recommendation to you is to step out of your comfort zone. I know Taco Bell/Taco John’s is tempting to revert to because of their prices, or Panchero’s because it’s a staple name and because you can eat it on the go, but if you have the time to sit down for a good taco, some of these other options may come in handy.

Happy eating!

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