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The red-haired Englishman is back. After taking a year off to relax and focus on songwriting, Ed Sheeran has released his third studio album, “÷” or “Divide.” It’s always good to recognize artists who play a part in writing all of their songs. Sheeran is known for this and his one-man show when performing — even in venues with 90,000 people. On stage, he uses a loop pedal, which is a  device that’s able to record his sound and play it over and over again in a sort of loop. There is something about him that captivates the attention of people all over the world. Maybe it’s his ability to rap — something he proves on songs like “Eraser” and “New Man” on his new record. Songs like “Hearts Don’t Break Around Here” and “How Would You Feel (Paean)” showcase his talent for writing love ballads.

Whatever the reason, Sheeran continues to drop hit after hit. “Perfect” will rival “Thinking Out Loud” as the number one choice for the first dance song at weddings. “Dive” showcases Sheeran’s vocal range and ability. You can clearly hear the emotion in the words he sings. Both “Galway Girl” and “Nancy Mulligan” feature elements of Sheeran’s Irish roots and bring a fun, folksy tune to the record, something not present in his previous ones. Whether you want to listen to “Supermarket Flowers,” the sad song honoring Sheeran’s grandmother, or the catchy, upbeat single “Shape of You,” “÷” is the album for you.

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Megan Kennelly is a writer and copy editor for The Lorian.

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