Yearning for some journaling?

Journaling. It is a type of self-reflection promoted by therapists and denied by literally everyone else, but if once you give it a try, it can be fairly helpful. I know that I was extremely skeptical about journaling when I first started off around the eighth grade after I started therapy for the first time. I remember my therapist handing me a composition notebook and telling me to write whatever comes to my head whether it be angry or despairing thoughts, short stories, poems, memories, whatever I wanted. I probably sat on my bed that night staring at the empty pages of the notebook for hours. Pretty soon I was writing four to five pages a night.

There are a lot of benefits to journaling that I have found over the few years that I have done it, and there are also a few different ways of journaling. Some of the benefits include:

— Clarifying your thoughts and feelings
— Reducing stress
— Getting to know yourself better
* on a side note it can also help you develop your writing style*

One type of journaling that I have recently gotten into is called Bullet Journaling. It is a personalized habit tracker that you can use on a daily basis. In my own, I track my habits, sleeping patterns, and I have also made a personalized planner section so that I can keep track of my classwork and appointments. It doesn’t have to be in any fancy journal or look the prettiest, but it should conform to how you think. For example, I have mine set out with the habits at the front and my “planner” section towards the middle. Then, in the back there is a space for free writing and ‘To Do’ lists. You can make it look however you want by using washi tape, colored pens, or stickers.

I know that it can seem like a chore to get a journal out and write down your thoughts and feelings and that it seems like something only teenage girls in movies do, but once you get in the habit of it you will feel like you have less weighing on you. It is a great way to get rid of all the negative energy that you are holding inside. Later on, you can look back and watch your growth as a person and how you have changed for the better; it is also fun to make fun of your younger self and the things that ended their/your world back then.

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Haley Roberts is a writer for The Lorian.

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