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Dear Trish,

I’ll admit I have been rather sedentary throughout the winter season. I have no energy. I have probably eaten more than usual, and I have not exercised much in the past few months. I know the easy answer is to eat better and become more active, but I have truly no interest in it. How can I make myself get healthy and feel better?


Trish says,

Interestingly, the answer is in the question. Getting healthier will make you feel better. Research has been showing for years that foods high in vitamins, antioxidants, iron, fiber, omega-3 and so on not only reduce the risk of you getting sick, but also will give you more energy. Consider an apple, some tree nuts or granola if you need a snack. Watch the carb and sugar intake, which induce more of a tired state.  You need all of the help you can get with the academic rigor that comes with college. The café does a good job of giving you a variety of options. You, however, need to choose the healthy ones if you want to feel better. And if you live off campus, you may notice that the healthier foods also come with a heftier price tag. I struggle with this myself but have noticed that paying the extra price often pays off in other ways, like feeling better. Check online before your shop and find some coupons. Also, Aldi has been known to have some good prices on fruits, veggies and organic alternatives. And no, I’m not getting a kickback from Aldi.

Some other ideas on feeling better include opting for a healthy kale smoothie instead a caramel latte. This might help you focus better in your 8 a.m. class and give you some of the energy that you are lacking. Having fish and a salad might also help you stay up later to get in some much needed studying and will likely do more for you than the cheeseburger and scotcheroo (although they are amazing). This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever have these treats, just learn to limit them.  You will feel the difference.

Exercise will, of course, do the same thing. I know it’s hard to get yourself up and going, but when you do, you will likely have more energy, sleep better, concentrate better and feel better overall. Set the alarm 10 minutes earlier to wake up with stretching. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Multi-task by reading or studying while on the treadmill. Just do something. And besides the obvious benefits of exercise, it is amazing how much better you will sleep if you are active throughout the day. Deeper sleep will in turn help you to feel more energized.

Good luck on getting through these last few weeks of winter. Spring is in the air so this should help too. Get outside and soak up that sunlight!


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