Tips with Trish: The end is near

Dear Trish,

I’m graduating in a few weeks and I’m totally freaking out. I feel like I’ve been complaining about school for the past year, and now that the end is near, I don’t want it to come. I’m overwhelmed with finishing projects and papers and want to do well, but worry that I’m not making the most of the last few weeks with my friends. I’m also just sad about leaving Loras. It’s been my home for the past four years. I don’t have a job yet, and I’m not crazy about living back at home with my parents. I’ve gotten pretty used to my life as it is right now, and I like it. Things are just moving way too fast.


Scared Senior


Trish says,

First, take a deep breath. The feelings you’re having about graduation are completely normal. College has been a big chapter in your life, and it’s coming to a close. Lots of students reach the end of their school career, and although relieved and excited to be done with college, are anxious and scared about the future. You are not alone.

Think back to when you completed high school. It’s likely that many of the same feelings you had then apply now. You got through that time in your life and you’ll get through this one. Uncertainty is not all bad. Try to embrace the unknown and look at it like a new adventure.

Keep in mind that your fears probably have more to do with your perception about what you are “supposed to do” after graduation than the act of graduating itself. It’s okay to celebrate your accomplishment, and you should. Getting a college degree is a huge milestone. Don’t spend so much time fretting about the next stage that you miss enjoying this stage. Try to finish strong academically, but don’t forget about the other things that have made this journey so special. Have a few more meaningful conversations with your professors or your favorite staff member from Student Life. Go out to Salsa’s one more time, or enjoy some time at that favorite coffee shop with your friends. Don’t beat yourself up for staying up late talking or watching Netflix with your roommates. College is definitely about the education you receive, but it’s also about the other learning that comes through lived experiences. It’s all of it that really prepares you for the real world, so focus on that instead of stressing about the future.

Finally, congratulations on completing your degree at Loras College! Remember though, the Duhawk experience doesn’t end at graduation. You are now part of a fantastic group of alumni. Wherever you move, there will likely be Duhawks there. Seek them out and become an active part of this special group of people. Put Homecoming 2019 on your calendar right now, and don’t forget to make a point to stop by campus whenever you are close. You are always welcome here!

Blessings to you!


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Tricia Borelli is the Director of Counseling Services at Loras College. In Tips with Trish, she will answer student questions concerning anything that relates to keeping it together while doing this crazy thing called college. Send questions or comments to Ms. Borelli, Loras Box 100, or to the e-mail address All names of those sending questions will be kept confidential.

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