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February is Eating Disorder Awareness Month. The Loras College Counseling Center sees students who struggle with body image issues like body shaming and pathological eating, and also those affected by malnourishment and significant health issues that include Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia. Eating disorders are serious issues that need to be addressed. If you are concerned that you or someone you care about may be affected by an eating disorder, please consider talking to someone in the Health or Counseling Center. We will help you get the help you need.

Nine Truths about Eating Disorders

“Nine Truths” is based on Dr. Cynthia Bulik’s 2014 “9 Eating Disorders Myths Busted” talk at the National Institute of Mental Health Alliance for Research Progress meeting.


Truth #1: Many people with eating disorders look healthy, yet may be extremely ill.

Truth #2: Families are not to blame, and can be the patients’ and providers’ best allies in treatment.

Truth #3: An eating disorder diagnosis is a health crisis that disrupts personal and family functioning.

Truth #4: Eating disorders are not choices, but serious biologically influenced illnesses.

Truth #5: Eating disorders affect people of every gender, age, race, ethnicity, body shape and weight, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

Truth #6: Eating disorders carry an increased risk for both suicide and medical complications.

Truth #7: Genes and environment play important roles in the development of eating disorders.

Truth #8: Genes alone do not predict who will develop eating disorders.

Truth #9: Full recovery from an eating disorder is possible. Early detection and intervention are important.


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Tricia Borelli is the Director of Counseling Services at Loras College. In Tips with Trish, she will answer student questions concerning anything that relates to keeping it together while doing this crazy thing called college. Send questions or comments to Ms. Borelli, Loras Box 100, or to the e-mail address All names of those sending questions will be kept confidential.

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