Tips to be a lean, mean, sustaining machine

Whenever I thought about being eco-friendly, or living sustainably or even “going green,” I imagined hippy communes where they just lived among the trees, but that’s just me. Now, I don’t know if I’ve just evolved into more of a hippy (your call really) or I’ve realized what a ignorant yet imaginative framework I was working from, because being more environmentally conscious isn’t hard. And it’s cool guys, I swear.

You know what’s “being eco-friendly”? Simply bringing your refillable mug to Einstein’s (because it’s cheaper) AND also because you want to use less plastic. Go you! Fun fact: you can bring refillable mugs to most coffee shops in Dubuque and they might even give you a discount on your drink because they don’t have to pay for the plastic you’re not using. Or when you buy one or two things from a store and the cashier asks if you want a bag, and you say no because you don’t actually need it. BAM. #saveabag Maybe you are just trying to stray from plastic altogether so you just bring mason jars and thoroughly washed pasta sauce jars to carry your drinks in and to hydrate yo’self, because you deserve it.

Two words: THRIFT SHOP. You’re just recycling clothing, so you’re not contributing to an unethical fashion industry and not wasting money buying clothes that “look” vintage, because they actually are. And you can buy an outfit for $10. What the what?!

TBT Meatless Monday. Bring it back! But actually because the amount of energy used to produce a burger is the equivalent the amount of energy needed to drive for 320 miles in your car, according to

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