Student Union: Brand new for you

After a semester of deliberation, Loras’ Student Union has rewritten their constitution and is under a brand new structure. Looking at previous years, Student Union had trouble with efficiency and communication and failed to achieve a significant amount of change on our campus. This inspired a new structure to try and eliminate communication bottlenecks and make sure student issues are heard and addressed in a timely manner.

The new Student Union is made up of fifteen students covering various roles in the organization. Student Body President Emily Ney (’18) leads the executive board made up of Vice President Ervin Yahr III (’19), Director of Ways and Means Jesse Coleman (’18), Director of Communications Whitnee Hale (’19), and Secretary Molly MacDuff (’20).

In the new structure, specialized chair positions were created for the different types of issues found on Loras’ campus. These include Diversity Chair Whitney Klein (’19), Academic Chair Zachary Ney (’20), Housing Chair Staci Hammer (’19), Co-Curricular Activities Chair Grace Burds (’21), Sustainability Chair Jacob Jansen (’20) and Aesthetics Chair Tyler Havens (’20).

For issues specific to each class, the class representatives are Brendan Doyle (’18), Marnie Ferguson (’19), RaeAnn Klimesh (’20) and Sam Martin (’21). Student Union encourages all students to get in contact with any member to talk about change on campus. Stop in during office hours or email anytime. Elections for the 2018-2019 Executive Board will be coming within the month so make sure to watch your email if you’re interested.

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