Senior Spotlight: Emma McLaughlin

By Jorge Ramirez (TheLorian)

  • Why did you choose to come to Loras?
    • I decided to come to Loras because as soon as I got to campus, I felt really comfortable and I felt like I was at home. My Dad came to Loras and he really wanted me to come check it out before making a final decision. After visiting, I knew my final call was going to be very easy. Many people from Rockford (my home town) had also said great things about this school, and I knew several friends would be coming here simultaneously. My high school has very strong ties to Loras College. I was offered everything I needed. Additionally, there is also volleyball and the Education program, which were two elements that made everything even better.
  • Out of everything you’ve been involved in, what was the most significant thing you’ve been involved in?
    • I would say the study abroad programs have been the most life-changing and significant experiences I’ve been able to be a part of. Not only have they helped me understand and speak the beautiful Spanish language, but they have also ignited a fire in me that wants to travel and get to experience the world. I want to explore new places, new cultures, and after three study abroad programs (Argentina, Costa Rica, Spain), I feel like I have become a better person, and a better student. All the countries that I visited will forever be in my memories and in my heart. It is something I wish upon every single college student out there.
  • How have you seen yourself change over your four years at Loras?
    • I feel like I have matured a lot since first-year. When I first came here, I was very young and did not have many experiences. I got here, and I started getting involved in many extracurriculars such as Du-Buddies which really made an impact on me. I want to be a special education teacher, so this is an experience that allowed me to build upon my skills in that area. Besides that, I feel like I have grown as a student, and I have also managed to learn how to communicate professionally. Loras College gives you the option to master all these elements, and they give you the chance of understanding different backgrounds given the number of people that come from diverse cultures. You get to do all this even if it just means attending events on campus or talking to people in class.
  • What is some advice you would give to a younger student who is just starting their Loras journey?
    • I suggest they attend as many events as possible as undergraduate students. If they find interest in some of the events taking place on campus, they should definitely pursue those. You will meet new people, experience new things, and it is the best way to embrace the Loras culture throughout your time here.
  • If you had one word to sum up your Loras experience, what would it be and why?
    • Joyful. I have met people and had experiences that made me feel happy throughout my four years on campus. I am very content with the decision I made back in high school to come here because Loras has given me memories that I would have never imagined. I will forever be grateful.
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