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St. Galdino della Sala was born in Milan, around the year 1100, and would eventually become Cardinal of that city. The Holy Roman Emperor, Frederick Barbarossa, attacked Milan because of a dispute with the Pope whom Cardinal Galdino supported, and so he had to flee. After the occupation, he led to rebuilding efforts. He  was known for his charity to the poor and to debtors (pray for me, specicially). He died right after preaching a sermon against the Cathars (a popular heretical movement at the time). Pope Alexander III canonized Galdino soon after his death.


In 2nd Century Rome, St. Anthia took her young son, Eleutherius to Pope Anicetus to learn the faith. He was appointed a bishop at the age of 20 (that’s your age, step up your game) to Illyricum. This area corresponds to modern Croatia and Albania. He and his mother were killed by the Romans, and there are varying accounts of how they were killed. Anthia was beheaded while her son was clubbed to death. The city of Rieti, in central Italy, claims their relics.

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