New Lenten resolutions for you to try

There is a lot of stress that goes into picking out a Lenten resolution, especially in what to give up. Most of us give up the stereotypical sweets, coffee, sleeping in, meat, or social media. Giving up these isn’t a bad thing. In fact, they might even be what we really should give up because we are so reliant upon them. However, there are some of us that don’t want to give these up, and that makes deciding what to do even harder. I ended up giving up coffee and negative thoughts, as well as adding on morning prayer to my daily routine.

I asked a few of my roommates and friends what they gave up and here’s what they said they’re doing:

  • Giving up something, but also adding something positive. For example, give up sweets and then add extra prayer time.
  • Giving up negative thoughts, such as worry, hate, and self-loathing. Every time you have a negative thought, say something positive to yourself.
  • Refrain from wearing sweat pants. Giving up such a simple comfort is a sort of self-reflection.
  • Not giving up anything, but rather doing something. For example, service, extra prayer (adoration), daily mass, meditation, daily reflection, etc.
  • Giving up procrastination and doing homework on time.
  • Giving up swearing.
  • Cutting back on social media usage, in order to do something more productive or positive in its place, like homework, volunteering, or spending real time with friends, face to face instead of virtually.

It is not too late to begin a Lenten resolution, or even change it if it has become either too easy or is starting to affect your ability to function on a normal level (coffee has started to do this to me). These are just a few ideas that I have come across in the past few weeks, but there are plenty more. Ask around your circle of friends and look up ideas online, then from there you can build off others’ ideas or come up with something unique to you.

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Haley Roberts is a writer for The Lorian.

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