Latinx/Hispanic pride on campus

By Samantha F. Garcia-Bracho

DUBUQUE, IA – At the beginning of the fall semester, Loras introduced the first college chapter of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) in Dubuque, Iowa. LULAC is the oldest Latinx/Hispanic civil rights organization in the United States, and starting a council on campus will raise awareness of the rights and traditions of the Latinx community.

Under the council number 380, Loras LULAC involves and serves all Hispanic nationality groups. They have been addressing a multitude of issues regarding immigration, educational attainment, political influence, and hosting events that celebrate Latin American culture.

Sergio Perez, director of the Center for Inclusion and Advocacy, set LULAC in motion after junior Rodrigo Espino presented the idea of integrating culture around campus.

“I have the luxury of knowing folks from a wide range of Latinx identities and experience,” said Perez. “We know what we need to be successful by simply having one another’s backs.”

“The Center” is a safe space that celebrates diversity. Here students, faculty, and staff can be themselves without being judged. It also presents the opportunity for students to grow personally, educationally, and professionally. This is where LULAC started and with very-well attended council meetings, they will continue working on celebrating their “Latinidad” around the area.

For further information about Loras College LULAC, contact Sergio Perez at (563) 588-7205, via email, or follow @LorasCollegeLULAC on Facebook, and @LulacLoras on Twitter and Instagram.

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