History Comes to Life at Kennedy


History came to life Friday at Kennedy Elementary.

Students gave interactive presentations on significant figures, of both the past and present, that they admire.

Among them were distinguished scientists and inventors like Ben Franklin, political and civil rights leaders like Ruby Bridges, and famous explorers like Sacagawea.

“The really big thing we wanted the kids to understand is that these people are people of character. They have done something that has impacted the world in a positive way and has made a positive change, and we really wanted our kids to strive to be those kinds of people,” said Ina Pruzinskis, co-teacher of second grade at Kennedy.

This type of  admiration was apparent when talking with Gustavo Nava, who was Travis Pastrana for the day. “Once I saw him in the book doing the trick in the air without his feet on it, holding on only to the handles, I saw him and wanted to be him,” Nava shared.

Fellow classmate Spencer Connolly, who spent the afternoon as Abraham Lincoln,  came to life with the push of a button to passionately deliver his speech.

Students chose a wide variety of people who have made a difference, some of which included: Barack and Michelle Obama,  Sacagawea, Pocahontas, Pablo Picasso, Ruby Bridges, Jackie Robinson, and The Wright Brothers.

This was the ninth year the second graders hosted the event, but the first year that two classes participated.


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