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Welcome to college! Here you will have some of the best and hardest years of your life, so far. Leaving a place where you have been sheltered your entire life is huge; it disrupts your system both mentally and physically. Your first semester of college is full of changes, stress, and excitement. With new sleep schedules, tasks, and environments, your body has to work overtime to adjust to new surroundings. Among balancing homework, new relationships, and much more, you need to make sure you are focusing on self-care. What is self-care, you ask? Everyone from doctors to your best friend will bring it up.

“Self-care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health” according to M.A. Raphailia Michael.

While taking care of mental health has many elements, maintaining good physical health is a bit simpler. The two major components that determine having good physical health are diet and exercise. It can be difficult with such limited time to buy or make healthy foods, or even to take time out of the day to work out. If you find yourself falling prey to long-hours between meals, fast food runs in the early morning hours or quick runs to the cafeteria, keep reading!

“A balanced diet is one that gives your body the nutrients it needs to function correctly,” says journalist Brian Krans about a healthy well balanced diet. He continues by noting that “[getting] the proper nutrition from your diet, you should consume the majority of your daily calories in fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, [and] lean proteins.”

Looking at the list of healthy foods given, the task of eating well can seem daunting. As someone who has tried various “diets”, I assure you the change that you want is not easy, but it is beneficial.

Having a balanced diet provides your organs and tissues with the necessary nutrition in order to function properly, according to the article “Balanced Diet”. The article states that without proper nutrition, the immune system grows weaker, making way for infection and fatigue. Eating healthy lowers the risk for heart disease and diabetes, both of which are of high account in the United States.

It’s important to keep in mind that a well-balanced diet is different for everyone. Depending on your willingness and budget, increasing produce and cutting more fatty foods out of your diet is a major step. If you are interested in trying to pursue a healthier diet, and a healthier lifestyle, try shopping at local stores such as Fareway or Natural Grocers, or others such as ALDI or Hyvee. In other words, stores that offer a lot of produce, meat, grain, and dairy with a variety of different qualities and prices.

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