Duhawking in Dublin: Irish Slang 101

1. “Were you having a bit of the craic last night?” Craic is pronounced like crack. No, this isn’t someone asking you if you were experimenting with hard drugs. Craic means fun.

2. “Sláinte!” Pronounced, slan-cha, it means cheers in Gaelic.

3. “You’re looking grand in your dungarees.” This simply is saying you’re looking great in your overalls. Overalls are called dungarees and grand is great. Boom. Why did I choose dungarees? Well, there was an international miscommunication of me trying to compliment my roommate’s overalls, and she asked if I meant her dungarees. Sure.

4. “He was just taking the piss.” Nope, not urination. Taking the piss just means joking around, emphasis on “the” (remember the, not a).

5. “Feck off.” I’m going to let you use your imagination

6. “Yer man over there” This phrase is one of my favorites. It’s not actually talking about ‘your’ in the possessive sense, it just means that guy over there.

7. “Oh, I think the milk’s gone off.” Gone off means expired or gone bad. I’ve used this phrase more times than I’d like to admit.

8. “I see you got your tracksuits on with your runners.” Runners are the same as gym shoes, tennis shoes, and sneakers (that gets a laugh from my Irish friends), and tracksuits are not Juicy Couture tracksuits — in Ireland they mean sweatpants.

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