Don’t Dump, Donate

Don’t Dump, Donate

It’s that time of year again. As college students wrap up their year with papers, exams and final presentations, we’re also preparing to go home. Purging your closets and furniture to make room in the car for your drive home for the summer isn’t uncommon, but it can be wasteful. Luckily, the Social Work Council, Peace and Justice Club, the Loras Housekeeping Staff and the Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency have teamed up this year to collect your unneeded items.

“Don’t Dump, Donate” is a new program these organizations have created to reduce waste from students in campus housing and residence halls. Electronics, clothing, appliances and furniture will all be collected at the residence halls to be picked up by students who want them. Everything is free for the taking! Whatever is not taken will be donated to the Saint Vincent DePaul Society. Collection bins have been available in each residence hall since May 6 and will be there until May 27.

So before chucking all of your unwanted clothes, electronics and appliances into a garbage bin, find a collection box and be a part of a more sustainable way to move out this year.

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