Dining with Duhawks success

By Shae Slaven and Sarah Mockler

Every school year, Loras College offers several opportunities for students to participate in a service or social justice trip whether it be over Thanksgiving Break, J-Term Break, or Spring Break. This year there has been a significant effort put in to make these trips more accessible to all Loras students.

            Apart from fundraising, another change to the Service and Social Justice Trips was the name. These student trips are now called TREC TRIPS, the acronym TREC stands for Think, Reflect, Engage, and Connect. The goal of this change is to demonstrate that these trips have the ability to be very formative to an individual. It also highlights that engaging in service and social justice is about meeting people where they are at and building human connection. The goal is that the students continue to serve those in need but also recognize the fact that they can learn so much from those that they serve. TREC Trips are made with the whole idea that both parties benefit in growth and learning.

            Through a fundraiser called Dining with Duhawks, lowering the costs of the TREC Trips came another step closer. After much effort from Loras students and staff, the outlook of a payment overall for students has decreased. The fundraiser that started this fall included 11 faculty and staff members who had graciously offered to provide a home-cooked meal for a group of Duhawks. The lucky Duhawks were able to attend these dinners after bidding in a silent auction style process during the week of Nov. 11. With all the wonderful hosts and the students, staff, and faculty that did the bidding for these dinners, the total amount raised surpassed the goal with a grand total of $1,379!

            As these new and positive changes take place, there is hope that TREC Trips will become a common experience in the four years that a student spends as a Duhawk. These trips are great ways to meet others, connect with communities outside their own, and has proven to be a transformative experience to all who get the opportunity. As some of the leading figures of these TREC Trips, we want to encourage all students to participate on a TREC Trip at least once in the years spent as a Duhawk.

            For an inside look at a TREC TRIP, visit MyDuhawk.com to read an article by Dr. Kevin Koch called “New Orleans coastal restoration service trip, January 2019”. This piece outlines his experience during the New Orleans TREC Trip in January 2019.

            Note: Shae Slaven and Sarah Mockler are the TREC Trips Coordinators.  They can be reached through email at Shae.Slaven@loras.edu and Sarah.Mockler@loras.edu.

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