Can We Go Thrift Shopping?

I don’t think anyone in our generation will ever be able to hear the words “thrift shop” without thinking of Macklemore and singing the song in our heads that we have all heard too many times. Whether you like the song or not, it raises some very valid points. One simply being we should all shop at thrift stores more instead of going to buy brand new clothes or items. You never really know what you could find. This is a perfect example on how we can reuse and reduce our trash too. As a community we can conserve natural resources by simply handing down our unwanted clothes or items. Something you don’t want anymore could be someone else’s new favorite thing.

Here at Loras, junior Michelle Kavanaugh gave a personal testimony on why she chooses to thrift shop:

“I think I thrift for a few reasons. I would say I started thrifting because I enjoyed, and still enjoy, finding really unique clothes that have a lot of character for a small price. It’s always fun finding shirts or sweaters that I can buy for way cheaper than a normal store but usually carry much more personality. Now I thrift for that reason, but also because it’s a very sustainable way of living for me. Thrifting allows me to find clothes at a more than reasonable price while supporting the store, which often is a nonprofit or employs individuals in need. It is really nice to be able to sell clothes I don’t use at Plato’s Closet, or donate them, and then use the money I made toward newly thrifted clothes. It’s a pretty sustainable cycle. All of my current favorite clothing items are from thrift stores. I found a pair of new boots at a Goodwill in my hometown for five dollars, which I later discovered are sold for $150. Last fall I found a pair of Chacos at the Mission Thrift store downtown for $2, which are normally at least $75-$100. I guess these finds aren’t extremely typical, but even finding a $2 t-shirt that I love or a very unique sweater makes thrifting so worth the time. It is a simpler way to live, while finding clothing that I love and help express myself.”
So where can you find all this cool stuff? In Dubuque we are very fortunate to have several options whenever we get the thrifting urge. Below is a list of just a few of the thrift shops in Dubuque, with everything from clothes to furniture.

Second Chances
2600 Dodge St, Dubuque Iowa

Thrift Store 1
398 Main Street, Dubuque Iowa

Thrift Store 2
235 West 2nd Street, Dubuque Iowa

St. Vincent DePaul Society
1351 Iowa Street, Dubuque Iowa

2121 Holiday Dr. Dubuque, Iowa

Thrifting is less expensive, ecofriendly, and fun. For more information on how you can reduce your trash or reuse items, contact your student Solid Waste Educator Haley O’Brien at You can also like our Facebook page, “Dubuque Metropolitan Area Solid Waste Agency,” or the “Sustainable Loras page.”   Let’s talk trash.

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