Best Fest Is Here!

Well, votes have been cast, the winners are in, and people in Dubuque are celebrating the best that Dubuque has to offer.


Best Fest was held January 27 and there, people voted on their favorite items in a number of categories.


These included Best pizza, best bar, best jewelry store, and more.


On Thursday people celebrated the winners of each category with a Best Fest party at the Grand River Center. Happy Joe’s, Wendy’s, Olive Garden and other local favorites were at the festival. Organizers say the event was sold out weeks before it happened.And all of the profits were given to Hospice Of Dubuque. Hospice of Dubuque is an organization that looks to help the terminally ill and their families have a comfortable and happy life.

The event was a huge success that people from all enjoys could enjoy!

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