Back to School Rules

Here we are again. The weather is cooling to sweater weather, and you can almost smell the apple cider. It’s fall and we are back again for another year. Every year, I make goals for myself, but I do not always follow through with them for the whole nine-and-a-half months. This year I’m giving some tips to you and to myself for success in this 2016-2017 school year.

1. Du work. I mean seriously, do your readings and busy work. As much as it seems pointless and time consuming, these people we call professors may actually know what they’re doing when they assign 10 pages and a two-page paper. Do it because you can’t lose points for trying. You can, however, for being a bum.

2. Join clubs or organizations. There are so many people with similar interests that you might never meet if you plan on being a hermit. College is way more fun with friends to share it. And it’s never too late to join. (Head nod to Dance Marathon)

3. Take advantage of office hours. Your professors don’t just put them on the syllabus to take up room. They really want to be available for you. Plus, Loras has some very interesting faculty members that we can learn a lot from.

4. Go to sporting events. Not only is it a great way to show school spirit, but it is also   another exciting place to meet involved Duhawks.

5. Don’t let stress rule your life. College is about academics; we all know that. But socializing is a huge part of campus life. Work hard, play hard.

6. With that in mind, you do have to work hard. You pay a lot of money to get an education, and it’s important to take advantage. Take classes you care about and want to do well in. There’s no use wasting time in a class you won’t give 100 percent to.

7. Be true to you. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. Your priorities should be to be the best you can possibly be. Plus, you will have way more fun if you aren’t faking. College is an accepting place; no one will be judging you or calling you names. We’ve all grown up and are looking for friendship over drama.

8. Find friends that make you happy. After a day of class and work, it’s important to come home to people that make you laugh and de-stress. My friendships at Loras are my favorite part of my day, week and school year.

9. Stay positive. There will be times when you are annoyed with random things like your friends or your classes, but don’t let trivial things get you down. Avoid the things that you don’t feel optimistic about because they probably aren’t for you. And be picky about your friends –  the people you surround yourself with matter.

10. Treat college like a privilege because that’s exactly what it is. Not a lot of people have this opportunity, but we all do. Every day you should walk past Keane Hall and be grateful because, in all honesty, every day is a great day to be a Duhawk.

Enjoy your time in college. This is my last year, and I couldn’t be more upset to leave. Find what makes you happy and excited and put all of your energy into it. Be more.

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