Antioch retreat

By Darby Callahan

Do you need a break from the everyday routine? Want to get away for a weekend where there is no work? Think about joining us for an Antioch retreat. As the Church entered the Lenten season on Ash Wednesday, I invite everyone to consider attending the Spring 2020 Antioch Retreat Weekend. This retreat runs from March 27-29, and sign-ups are outside Spiritual Life and the mail room.

Antioch is a retreat that focuses on growing in relationships with Christ and others. I have experienced Antioch in the Fall of 2017. I really enjoyed being able to be with Christ without having to worry about homework. I was able to grow in relationship with the Lord by listening to the different speakers, participate in small group discussions, have the chance to be there for others, and attending Mass, Reconciliation, and Adoration together.

I am a devote Catholic who grew up loving Mass and meeting new people. Loras College Spiritual Life, including the Antioch Retreat, has helped me grow in my own Spiritual Direction. My experience with Antioch as a candidate was amazing. I met many people there whom I still consider friends. I know that the Antioch community are people I can talk to on a daily basis when I need someone to talk with. I felt community during the retreat and after.

Talk to your friends to learn more about their experiences when they attended Antioch because everyone experiences something different, all thanks to the power of God. Feel free to talk to Meredith Recker, Sarah Mockler, Debbie Gross or myself for more information.

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