An unforgettable Swift experience

One of the coolest experiences I had this past summer was seeing Taylor Swift in concert. She came to Chicago with her “Reputation” Stadium Tour in June and took over Soldier Field for a total of two evenings. I have been blessed enough to attend her Red Tour and 1989 Tour, but this tour was on a whole other level.

From the moment I walked in, it was apparent that Swift knew what she was doing. The moment people walked into Soldier Field, they received a light-up bracelet. The purpose of the bracelet was for Taylor to be able to see every single person in the entire stadium so she could be connected to them. She had this for her “1989” Tour and it was such an amazing experience. It makes the entire stadium look like a mass of fireflies. She really wants to create an experience that her fans won’t forget.

One of the reasons I like going to Taylor Swift shows is because I am able to escape from the real world for a bit and be in an environment where I am able to be myself. The world these days is so cruel, and Taylor’s concerts are not like that. There is so much positive energy being exerted from everyone there. This includes not only Taylor, but her dancers, band, and crew. The fans also have an energy that is contagious, and the energy keeps building. She wants everyone to dance and have the time of their lives.

During those two hours that Taylor was on stage that evening, I felt like everything happening in the world just disappeared. I was focused on having a great time dancing to my favorite songs, laughing, and in awe at all that Taylor had planned. Taylor’s music has been there for me whenever I needed it most. Whenever I have a really horrible day, I listen to the song “Shake It Off”. I know that sounds incredibly cheesy, but it has taught me to not care so much about what people say. Not to mention, it has a cool beat as well.

Music has the ability to address feelings in ways that other forms of art can’t. There seems to be a song for every scenario, every feeling. For example, Spotify has multiple curated playlists for whatever mood you’re in. Music also has an ability to bring people together, some of my best friends also love Taylor Swift too, so we love having Taylor Swift dance parties with no shame whatsoever. What’s also great about music is that friends can bond not just through talking, but also through music. Music is for sure a major blessing to have, and I never take it for granted.


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Audrey Peterson is a writer for The Lorian.

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