11 People You Meet in College

1. The super athlete who manages to juggle a major and minor while playing two sports.

2. The I-never-studied-in-high-school-so-why-start-now? This goes one of two ways: either they’re wonderfully successful not studying, or they fail tests.

3. The super academic who has a double major and two too many minors.

4. The over-sleeper who binge watches Netflix until 3am which causes them to sleep through their alarm clock.

5. The I-haven’t-left-campus-since-August. Either they’re a Loras die-hard or they live too many states away to leave for the weekend.

6. The early riser who dresses up for class every day. These people seem to have their life together and you envy them for it. They’re the ones who keep track of the forecast and plan accordingly [aka the people who remember to pack an umbrella and wear rain boots].

7. The classmate who’s in love with sweatpants. Pigs will fly before this person wears a pair of jeans. This person may even intentionally lose points on a very important presentation just so they don’t have to dress up.

8. The party animal. Need I say more?

9. The I-don’t-show-up-for-class-until-finals. We’d be able to spot Bigfoot before anyone sees this person in the flesh. It’s like we know there’s an Emily in this class, but only God knows what she looks like.

10. The procrastinator who writes a ten-page paper in one night.

11. The person who tries out every major available. Nothing wrong with changing from a criminal justice major to an art major, I suppose.

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