National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences:

  • Charlie Grant, Allison Wong, Allie Kaleta, Rachel Choice, Frank Fernandez, Kelly Kuboushek, Sami Graff, Clare Huguelet and Levi Bernhard for “Newscast” for the LCTV Decision 2016 newscast.
  • Allison Wong, Payton Van Vors, Kelly Kuboushek, Rachel Choice, Charlie Grant and Sarah Muller for “Newscast” for LCTV News 11-30-16.
  • Makaila Haase and Juanita Bustamante for “Non-Fiction” for their documentary, Earning the Halo.
  • Allie Kaleta, Sami Graff, Aidan Wojciehowski, Rachel Choice and Sarah Mueller for “Sports: Program/Series” for SportsZONE 10-5-16.

Society of Professional Journalists:

Mark of Excellence Award, Best All-Around Television Newscast:  Allison Wong, Payton Van Vors, Dimitri Villanueva, Rachel Choice


IBNA Awards Banquet 2017

Iowa Broadcast News Association (2016):



  • Spot News – Caroline Foglton, “Visitation Fire”
  • Photography – Charlie Grant, “Dubuque Artist”
  • Feature – Allison Wong & Charlie Grant, “Dubuque Artist”
  • Series – Rachel Choice & Dimitri Villaneuva, “Rendez Vous with Ray”
  • Public Affairs – Melissa Link & Maddie Galloway, “Behind the Bump: A Birth Mother’s Story”
  • Sports Coverage – Aidan Wojciehowski, “Josh Ruggles”
  • General Reporting – Allison Wong, “Dubuquers Still Adjusting to Medicaid Privatization”
  • Best Newscast – LCTV News Staff
  • Best Sportscast – SportsZONE Staff
  • Overall Excellence in Reporting – Allison Wong
  • Overall Excellence in Anchoring – Allison Wong & Dimitri Villaneuva
  • Overall Best Use of Online Media – LCTV Staff, “”
  • Overall Excellence, LCTV Staff


  • Photography – Kelly Kuboushek, “Wet Weather Challenges Farmers”
  • Farm and Agribusiness – Kelly Kuboushek, “Wet Weather Challenges Farmers”
  • Sports Coverage – Allie Kaleta, “Concussion Complications”
  • General Reporting – Allison Wong & Charlie Grant, “Dubuque Traffic Stop Study”
  • Sports Play-By-Play (Web-Based) – Dustin Dawson & Tara Shingler, “LIVE Sports Compilation


  • Series – Allison Wong & Charlie Grant, “Dubuquer in Dublin”
  • Political Coverage – Payton Van Vors, “Early Voting Opportunities”


  • Photography – Dimitri Villaneuva, “Rendez Vous with Ray”
MBJA Awards Banquet 2017


Midwest Broadcast Journalists Association (2016):


  • Documentary/Special: First place, “Behind the Bump: A Birth Mother’s Story” and Award of Merit, “Earning the Halo”
  • Photojournalism: First place, “Dubuque artist creates larger than life sculpture”
  • Newscast: First place, “LCTV News 11-30-16”


  • Series: Award of Merit, “Dubuquer in Dublin”
  • General Reporting: Award of Merit, “Dubuquers still adjusting to Medicaid privatization”
  • Sportscast/Program: Award of Merit, “SportsZONE 10-5-16”


ICMA Awards Banquet 2017

Iowa College Media Association (2016):

Best Newscast:

First place, LCTV News 12-2-15, Allison Wong

Second Place, LCTV News, Payton Van Vors

Third Place, SportsZONE 3-2-16, Joel Schmidt

News Programming:

Second place, LCTV LIVE: Holiday Edition 2015, Staff


First place, Shots Fired, Allison Wong

Entertainment Storytelling:

First place, Rendez Vous with Ray, Rachel Choice & Dimitri Villaneuva

Second place, Dubuquer in Dublin, Allison Wong & Charlie Grant

Variety, Music, & Comedy Show:

Third place, DuNite, Staff


Second place, LCTV LIVE Basketball, Staff

Short Documentary:

First place, Plumery Tails, Aidain Wojciehowski & Rachel Choice

Second place, Dex, Josh Larson

Long Documentary:

First place, Earning the Halo, Makaila Haase & Juanita Bustamante

Promos, PSA’s, Commercials:

First place, Inspire Cafe, Kelly Kuboushek & Jack Sarcone

Second place, Hate School?, Miriam McKee

Experimental Video:

First place, Camp Monster, Keontae Neely

Second place, Colombia Rotoscope, Juanita Bustamante

Honorable mention, Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying, Sami Graff & Bailey Hussey

Corporate Video:

First place, This is Heartland, Austin Cousins

Second place, Victory Outreach, Joel Schmidt, Trey Davis & Greg Cormier

Short Film:

Third place, In Nothing Flat, Brody Kuhar & Clare Huguelet


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