What’s the Word?


In the first LCTV meeting of the year, each reporter pitched all of their ideas that they had been thinking about over the summer. For me it was a chance to present some of the wiliest and most exciting ideas that I have been thinking about for the last three months. Most of my crazy ideas were thrown out, a few of the ideas were saved for future shows, and one idea was put on the discussion table for the first live show.

Civilian interaction pieces have always been some of my favorite stories to watch growing up. I wanted to incorporate the process of going out to find answers into my story this week. After talking with the sports team, we came up with a way to make this possible.

The excitement and thrill of on the spot interviewing was something that I had never experienced before. I really had a blast with this piece in all the stages of reporting.

I hope you enjoy the first ever, “What’s the Word?”
Special thanks to Joel Schmidt for helping with the behind the scenes work.

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