Traveling Parents to Support Duhawks

Traveling Parents to Support Duhawks

LORAS COLLEGE- Saturday mornings, they usually include sleeping and and making breakfast for the family. For Duhawk parents, that isn’t necessarily the case. Instead, they are packing up the car and driving.

“I drive about three and a half hours”, Duhawk dad, Matt Hermann drives that every home football game and some away games to watch his son, Bryan, play football, “Well, it’s one to support my son Bryan, but it’s also to support what I think is the real growing football program as well as a great college.”
That just seems to be the life that some parents accept when their son goes off to school.

Parents of Junior Joe Loch drive just about three hours to watch their son play, too, “When he decided to make that commitment, we knew that we were committing too and we were all for it.”
Parents then have their own commitment of coming to cheer on their athlete.

Senior, Bryan Hermann, looks forward to his dad coming and supporting him on the field, “It’s nice to have someone to play for every game. I mean, me and my dad, we talk a lot about how I’m playing and that kind of thing so it’s nice that he comes and supports me.”
Pregame rituals of talking strategy have become routine for Bryan and his dad. “I go out for usually about a half an hour before the game and hang out with my family and talk with my dad about what to look for” says Bryan.

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