The Eagles are soaring

The Eagles are soaring

As the NFL season is about halfway over, there is one team that strikes me as ready to win a Super Bowl. That team is the Philadelphia Eagles. They’re unquestioned leader, Carson Wentz, looks poised to take over the league with his stellar quarterback play.  Throughout this season he has thrown for 2,063 yards with 19 touchdowns and five interceptions. Compare that to the arguably best quarterback ever, Tom Brady. His season numbers are 2,541 yards with 16 touchdowns and two interceptions. These numbers are very similar and Brady will go to the Hall of Fame.

Not only do they have Wentz, but they also have deep threat wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey and Wentz’s favorite target, Zach Ertz. Ertz has shown he can be a very versatile player. He is deceptively quick and a very crisp route runner. He is not afraid to use his size and speed to go up and catch a touchdown. Trust me, I’ve watched him play and even have him on my fantasy team.

The man can perform. Former Bears wide receiver, Alshon Jeffrey is a relatively new player on this Eagles explosive offense. For any of you who don’t know, I’m a diehard Bears fan, and I was highly upset when the Bears traded Jeffrey. I’ve only seen the a few people who can make catches the way that he did. Any play he is liable for a big catch.

The only place this team was really lacking was in the running back position. LeGarrette Blount is more of goal-line
back who will get the ball on the 1- or 2-yard line and punch it in for a score. He’s not really a running back who is liable to go off for many 30 or 40 yard runs. This season he has only ran for 467 yards. Although as of today the Eagles have solved this problem.

Because of this the Eagles have acquired Jay Ajayi. Last season this explosive back had three 200-yard games. Ajay, along with Blount, should turn around what has been a somewhat lackluster running game for the Eagles. Once postseason comes around, I think the Eagles will be top contenders for a Super Bowl title.

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Gerrand Moody is a sports columnist for The Lorian.

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