Athletes and Music

Athletes and Music


Athletes are always looking for ways to improve their game.

Their secret weapon, music.

“It pumps you up, gets you in the zone, and adds some extra energy to you.” said basketball player Demond George.

“It’s almost essential, it helps lift your spirits in a way. It makes you get pumped up and during a workout especially for me, its something that helps me push out those extra reps.” said athletic trainer Connor Weitz.

So what do these athletes listen to?

“Rap, hard rock.” said Weitz

“Travis Scott, Famous Dex.” added George

“But if I’m running, doing some drills, running stairs, I like more upbeat music.” said Weitz.

Studies show that the syncing tempo of the music to an athletes heart rate can have powerful outcomes such as improved stamina, speed, and performance.

“It helps fuel you, you know it’s going to put you in the right mindset. Psychology has a lot to do with people performing at their highest level. ” said Weitz

“It definitely puts me in the mindset to add a little bounce to my step, add some confidence, and give me a little bit more swagger.” said George

Music is the one X factor that will continue to make athletes better.

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Jeremy Vallin

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Jeremy is a sports reporter, associate producer, and anchor for LCTV SportsZONE.

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