Loras College Poll shows Clinton, Trump as frontrunners

DUBUQUE – The race for presidency is in full swing and a new Loras College Poll tells us who’s leading the pack in Iowa.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump and neurosurgeon Ben Carson are in the lead for the nomination.

Trump ranked highest among people’s first choice at 24.5%. Carson came in second at 18.1%.

For people’s first or second choice, Carson beat Trump with 34% and Trump trailed close behind at 33.7%. Jeb Bush came in third with 20.2%.

Trump may have gotten first place as people’s first choice, but he did get last in favorability. He got 35.1% while Carson ranked as most favorable at 72.9%.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton remains the front-runner, but Senator Bernie Sanders has surged in the polls.

As people’s first choice, Clinton received 48.2% and Sanders got 22.9%. Although Clinton is still in the lead, she has come down from 57% in April. Sanders has moved up from just 2% in April.

As for favorablity, Clinton ranks first with responders at 77.5% and Sanders at 60.8%.

Although Joe Biden hasn’t entered the race, he was included in the poll. As people’s first or second choice, he ranked second at 47.4%, still behind Clinton but in front of Sanders.


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