Why I chose a career path in Republican politics

Why I chose a career path in Republican politics

I am often asked why I have chosen politics as my career path, and often my answer is much more long and drawn out than people wanted to hear. The simple answer is that it is something that has always interested me, but I want to give the more detailed answer.

One of the most important reasons that I have chosen a career path towards politics is because it is something that has always affected me and always will. Without getting involved, I will have no say in any of the decisions that shape my life. When people tell me, “Politics don’t affect my life,” I am honestly shocked that they don’t realize that every aspect of their lives is influenced by political decisions. With the Democratic Party wanting to create a large government that implements itself into all aspects of life, it has become more important than ever for conservatives to get involved and stand up for their values.

The next reason that I have chosen a career in politics is because I have witnessed a shift of young people in believing that socialism will solve any problem that a country has. Socialism has been shown to fail again and again, and it doesn’t align with the founding principles of freedom this great country was built on. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has come out and said that we will raise taxes – this is the only way that his plans to give free college education and free healthcare would work. A country already in debt cannot afford to pay for all of this “free stuff” everyone thinks they are being promised.

Political life is also an exciting and ever-changing field. I never saw myself sitting in an office crunching numbers. I have always envisioned myself out meeting with people, keeping them informed and working to do something that means a lot to me. This is what I have found in my ability to work directly within the political process, especially during an intense election year like 2016 has been so far.

Many people like to avoid politics because it can be messy, it has a constant demand and it can lead to controversy. On the flip side of that, people always will be affected by political decisions. Choosing whether or not you are informed and involved is a personal choice, but to be informed helps everyone in the long run. The question shouldn’t be whether or not you enjoy politics, but who is going to continue fighting for America to be free. And right now I want to be part of those who are helping to fight.

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