U.S.A: The land of mass shootings

U.S.A: The land of mass shootings

Last week, as I’m sure everyone is aware, there was yet another mass school shooting. This time it was in Florida, a killing that took the lives of 17 students and faculty members. Because 2017 saw around one mass shooting a day, and 18 already in 2018, I feel we should talk about guns. Take a look at any other industrialized country, many have had very few, if any, mass shootings in years. This was because their governments decided it was in the public interest to enforce strict gun laws after a mass shooting happened. Look at the U.S. and it’s a completely different story. We offer our thoughts and prayers, as if they do anything, as if by saying that children will stop being slaughtered in school. Your thoughts and prayers are NOT working.

But you know what does work? Policy and action. There is nothing wrong with giving your condolences after a tragedy happens, but to sit on your hands and say “we can’t do anything,” is complicity in its purest form. If you are willing to continue to let mass shootings happen, then keep your thoughts, and keep your prayers, because they are equivalent to not caring. Our country is pathetic when it comes to guns. We will let our children, our students, our citizens, die for our love of an outdated amendment. Just add it to the long list of injustices in this country.

When tragedies like this happen, people tend to completely ignore the fact that guns are part of the problem, and focus solely on “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Yes, in theory, people kill people, but by the same logic, nukes don’t kill people, grenades don’t kill people, *insert any weapon here* doesn’t kill people. Right? Saying that one weapon doesn’t kill people means that any weapon doesn’t kill people. Guns make it extraordinarily easier for people to kill other people. Let someone try to kill as many people that he did with a weapon that doesn’t shoot, make killers get creative because right now there is nothing stopping them from killing dozens of people with ease. If you’re looking to blame mental illness for this tragedy, by all means, make some changes. The same people refusing to change guns laws, are the same people that do nothing to help people with mental illness.

Tragedies like mass shootings tend to bring to the forefront some of the ugliest issues in America. Whatever you perceive to be the problem with mass shootings, whether it be mental illness or gun control, make some sort of change. People should not have to fear going to school, or going out, and being part of a mass shooting. We need to do something, because what’s happening now is not acceptable.

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Dalton is a staff writer for The Lorian.

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