Turn the revolution into a reality

Turn the revolution into a reality

Super Tuesday has come and gone, the votes have been counted, and Hillary Clinton has all but locked up the Democratic nomination. After landslide victories in Alabama, Arkansas and Georgia, coupled with a 20% dominating win in Texas, the Clinton camp now has a historically insurmountable lead over Senator Bernie Sanders with 200 more pledged delegates. But that won’t stop Bernie. On Tuesday night, he gave a mixed victory-concession speech in front of his hometown of Burlington, Vermont. While the senator did acknowledge the results of the night, he promised to run a 50-state campaign that would last until every vote has counted.

He shouldn’t.

Like I mentioned earlier, Clinton now has a 200 delegate lead over Sanders — the lead expanding to 500 when accounting for superdelegates. No presidential candidate has ever come back from such a steep deficit to win their party’s nomination, and Sanders’ path forward is only tougher given what states are yet to come. It doesn’t matter how much money he can raise nor how many students will vote for him, the delegate math coming out of Super Tuesday is fatal to his campaign.

But that doesn’t mean he should stop campaigning for what has been his thing for the last 10 months. In fact, Sanders should double down on starting his political revolution. Speech after campaign speech, Sanders has called for a political revolution to sweep across the nation so that real change can occur in Washington, but he hasn’t done any of the groundwork to make that happen. For example, Sanders has raised a paltry $1,000 for the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the body that will fund congressional and senatorial races nationwide, while Clinton has raised $26 million. But Sanders also hasn’t had the best relationship with the DNC either, so that is to be expected.

Instead of dragging out the primary, Sanders should drop out and continue championing his grassroots movement. He is very clearly a popular candidate, and his celebrity can help bring attention to previously unknown liberal candidates. I bet you haven’t heard of Gary Kroeger, a candidate running for Iowa’s first congressional district, but you would if Sanders had stumped for him. Sanders’ campaign for the presidency is pretty much done for, but his political revolution doesn’t have to be. It is time for Sanders to make his revolution a reality.

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