Loras contends for world record

Loras contends for world record

As part of another school year, Loras students were granted the opportunity to purchase an exclusive red Loras sticker. This sticker, they later learned, was not just any ordinary sticker given to them by the college. Little did they know it was the most important sticker they would ever purchase in their lives.

The small, palm-sized piece of sticky plastic was given to students for the “upper driver’s side of their rear windshield.” The sticker is especially appealing as it is mirrored, which allows it to be placed on the inside of the vehicle to protect it from being peeled off by a random passerby who was unwilling to purchase the new and exclusive sticker. Another cool feature is that each sticker has its own serial number meaning each one is unique for every Duhawk throughout their years at Loras.

The most important part of the sticker is its price, which could make Loras a force to be contended with in the world record demographic. The new sticker’s price tag comes in at a whopping $100 per academic year, which is billed directly to your student account, making it convenient for you (or your parents) to pay for it. This amount could set the record for the world’s most expensive windshield sticker.

“It’s really cool to see my college possibly recognized as a world record holder. I always thought the stickers were a little expensive, but this makes it almost worth it,” junior Larry Adams said.

If you are interested in acquiring an exclusive red Loras windshield sticker, they can be purchased at the Info Desk in the ACC by providing the make, color and license plate number of your vehicle, along with your personal information to be used for billing to your account.

“It was really easy to get a hold of this sticker and put it on my car,” Loras freshman Jennifer Morgan added. “I can’t think of a better way to add to my Loras experience than by having this special sticker on my car in the parking lot.”

In addition, the sticker is alleged to grant exclusive parking privileges to its holder. However, this piece of information is unable to be confirmed at this time since several students have not actually been able to find a spot to test it out. Most people say they are few and far between but are on the lookout for these spaces around the Loras campus. Any leads on this case can be forwarded to the Lorian for an immediate press release.

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