Let me rock around my Christmas tree

Let me rock around my Christmas tree
graphic by Anna Petersen

Fuzzy socks, hot chocolate with extra chocolate, a holiday Hallmark movie that comes with crackers to go with the cheese, a soft fuzzy blanket from way back in my childhood, warmth emanating from my overheated laptop that’s also playing Michael Buble’s Christmas album, and then the doorbell rings. Those stinkin’ trick-or-treaters!

We all love Christmas, I feel pretty confident saying that. At least I know I love spending time with family and friends, exchanging carefully planned-out gifts, making piles and piles of Christmas cookies, attending holiday church services, etc. It all just brings a smile to my face. Which is why I don’t understand why it is so taboo to start celebrating a little bit early!

With solid anecdotal evidence, it has been deemed only acceptable to celebrate Christmas once Thanksgiving has passed. While this does provide nearly a month of prime celebratory time, there are just too many variables: what if the sky uses up all of its beautiful snow before Thanksgiving and all that’s left for December is rain and muck? What if Netflix removes its prime collection of C-list Christmas movies? What if, with all the holiday cheer, you can’t find a time in December to spend time with all your loved ones? (There are only five Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Christmas.) The answer is simply to start celebrating early and without shame, I must add.

I honestly see no problem in starting the celebration a little early, and I have more positives. How many people to you buy Christmas presents for?  Immediate family, best friends, and a significant other? Maybe a dozen total, in addition to other holiday donations and good deeds?  That can be pretty hard on the pocket book, especially as a broke college student who just paid for gas in quarters. If you get in the merry mood, say in October, you’re able to spread out your spending. That’s just good budgeting.

Who does Christmas baking? I know it’s a family tradition of mine to send baked goods along to our many loved ones to brighten their day. Unfortunately, other people have the same idea and sadly lots of cookies and candies go stale on kitchen countertops based solely on the fact that there are too many sweets to be consumed in what is traditionally deemed “Christmas time.” If you start your baking earlier, though, I can almost guarantee that nothing will go to waste and your sweets will be greatly and even moreso appreciated than if received closer to the holidays.

There’s also literally no such thing as spending too much time with family and friends or making too many memories. Christmas is centered on giving and being thankful and present in the moment. It’s a time to grow closer with those around you and build memories and traditions. Shouldn’t that be something we do year-round? I know celebrating Christmas year-round might be a little extreme, so hear me out and don’t criticize a little holiday cheer because every day is a gift. And I just really like rockin’ around my Christmas tree.

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Natalie Droeske

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Natalie Droeske is the Executive Sports Editor for The Lorian.

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