Drumline left out of Homecoming

Drumline left out of Homecoming

The Homecoming tailgate and game on Saturday are two of the biggest highlights of Homecoming week. It is a time for bringing Duhawks together, having fun, and showcasing the talents of everyone involved in the festivities of the football game. Unfortunately, one group of students was prevented from sharing their talent. The Loras College Drumline was ready and set to perform their pieces following the cheerleader’s routine and the recognition of the Loras College Athletic Hall of Fame inductees. With almost three minutes of halftime left after the recognition of the Hall of Fame inductees, the Drumline took their positions and waited for their introduction. The introduction never came. Instead, canned music began playing from the loudspeakers.

“It was a very confusing situation, and by the time I knew what was going on, the Drumline wasn’t able to play,” said junior Brody Hooker, who helped with the microphones on the field.

The music continued to play on the loudspeakers until the end of halftime, and Drumline had no choice but to pack up their instruments without getting a chance to perform.

“The most upsetting part about Drumline’s inability to play was that we missed out on an opportunity to perform what we had been working on for weeks,” said sophomore Ervin Yahr, co-leader of Drumline.

Several people in the stands, especially fellow pep band members, were disappointed Drumline did not perform at the game. Many of them felt Drumline should have performed right after the cheerleaders instead of waiting for all of the Athletics Hall of Fame inductees to be announced.

“I appreciate what the alumni do for our school,” said senior Sarah Statz, a member of the pep band, “but it is ridiculous that the music people, who have worked so hard, don’t get to show the community their efforts. It feels like the music department is getting no respect.”

Friends and family were also disappointed they did not get to see what the Drumline had to offer. In many cases, the Homecoming weekend football game is the game that families make an effort to come out and see to support Loras activities such as Drumline.

“It was very disappointing because no one told us that we wouldn’t be able to perform, especially because my family came from out of town just to watch the Drumline,” said first-year Sam Anderson who plays the tenor drum in Drumline.

Loras continues to promote the excellence of their music programs, but it seems that in time-sensitive situations, the musical performances are the first to be cut from the lineup. Music students put a lot of time and effort into rehearsals, and by cutting performances it does not give musicians the respect they deserve.

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