Don the Con: A how-to

Don the Con: A how-to

I could not be more thankful for all the public speaking lessons Donald Trump and his campaign are giving me. No, really, he and his trusted circle of confidants are incredible at talking about what they want to talk about. My favorite media interviews to watch have got to be the ones with Kellyanne Conway speaking on behalf of Donald’s candidacy. Watching her dance from talking point to talking point while parrying and riposting probing questions asked by TV hosts is a treat — because how does she do it!?

If you watched the debate Sunday night, you’ll know how she and Donald’s other sycophants remain so on message; reality denial. Seriously, though, when you’re worried not at all with comporting to basic, verifiable facts, it is pretty easy to talk about what you want to talk about. Forgot you had homework? Tell the professor: there wasn’t homework; even if there was, they never told you or the class about any homework to be due, and, besides, when are the test grades being handed back? If you see confusion, shock, embarrassment, or some mix thereof cross your professor’s face while doing so — congratulations! You’ve learned how to Con Like The Don!

Now, I’m not going to go through each and every falsehood Donald Trump huffed into the mic Sunday night. There is not enough time, space, or personal energy for such an article. I instead want to focus on the more general principle Don the Con’s campaign operates under: lie, deny, and defy any and all efforts to undermine the campaign message — if there really is one — or its credibility. This, of course, requires Trump surrogates to live in their own reality when speaking in front of a camera. If you ask Mike Pence, his running mate has never uttered a positive thing about Russia’s current despot Vladimir Putin. A quick google search would turn up ample evidence to the contrary. But Donald’s campaign can’t be bothered to acknowledge facts if it “distracts from the issues,” as they ironically proclaim every interview. No poll is bogus nor unscientific if Don the Con is winning — but ya gotta unskew that Quinnipiac poll because you just know they’re biased against Making America Great Again!

But most of all, I am just grateful for Donald and company demonstrating to the country’s impressionable youth how, through persistent and shameless denial of basic fact, you, too, can live your own dream life inside your very own dream world. By refusing to let the pesky fact checkers and honest journalists get in the way, the Trump family and their bunch are living out their American dream – just ask Chris Christie.

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