Democracy doesn’t end with electoral politics

Democracy doesn’t end with electoral politics

American Democracy is laziness. Once every election cycle, a little over half of Americans turn out to partake in “democracy”, with the expectation that the individuals we elect will abide by the promises they made whilst campaigning. Many upward-mobile middle class people take a backseat to politics as it plays out by Washington elites in the periods between elections. The chain of political laziness on behalf of the American public must end. Now with rising numbers of people becoming politically aware, political action must follow. This mustn’t take place within the constraints of electoral politics.

The Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) are building this kind of democratic movement. This is a movement that doesn’t sit idle in the time between elections, and is sustained by you, the people, and not some moneyed politician. This is a movement that holds elected officials accountable for carrying out what is best for the many, not the few. In practice, this is a grassroots, democratic movement steered by the people rather than their representatives.

The DSA and its youth wing, the Young Democratic Socialists of America (YDSA), offer a picture of a world separate of that, offered by Democrats or Republicans (if the two traditional parties even offer a picture). The world DSA envisions that democracy doesn’t end on election day, but rather, it is a daily practice. We want to see a world where workplaces, governments, education, and healthcare are run democratically. Socialism is centered around the well-being and the interest of the majority, the working class, who is essential to the movement. This is a movement to build an authentic democracy not around the baseless “democracy” America subscribes to, but to a society that everyone’s voice is capable of changing their current social, political, or economic status. If it affects the individual, they should have a say in what happens. This is true for both workplace risk and for foreign policy.

The DSA’s movement is one that is by the working class, for the working class. The goal is the self-determination of all people, regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other characteristic that denies social participation based upon prejudice. We, the working class, who have a shared economic power, want to restructure a society that works for “the many, not the few.” If these ideas and practices attract your interest and you would like to learn more about the DSA and YDSA, send me an email and we can discuss continuing the political revolution.

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