Up Up and Attend

Up Up and Attend

Dubuque, Iowa-Chronic absenteeism has proved to be a national problem. Dubuque Community Schools are taking steps to iron out this issue by creating a program called Up Up and Attend.

Throughout the month of September, which is attendance awareness month, Dubuque School are holding assemblies in schools, passing out special bracelets, and most importantly talk with parents.

Jim Lucksetich is the counselor at Lincoln Schools here in Dubuque and explains why it is important for the parents to get involved. “Attendance awareness is for the parents to realize how important it is for a child to be here at school and on time.” Since parents are usually the ones responsible for getting the child to school on time. Specifically at Lincoln Elementary students can arrive as early as 6 o’clock in the morning and participate in the after school programs until around 5.

Shirley Horstmann, Director of Student Services adds, “We have chronic attendance for students in K-2nd grade. ┬áThis points to a recent national survey where in this age category students are missing and average of 18 days a year which is 10 percent of the school year.

Dubuque Schools hope with programs like this they can help parents and students realize it is important to attend school every month. “We’ll not only do this throughout the month of September….because attendance is important every month.

For more information on the program–visit dubuquecommunityschools.org.

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