Sweet Science-Carnival of Chemistry

AtomsDUBUQUE – Loras College took an interactive approach to learning by holding the Carnival of Chemistry on Saturday, November 7.

Visitors were wowed by the variety of food and fun offered at the event, which included popcorn and “atoms” made out of gummy bears and marshmallows.

Candy ChemistryWith “explosive” exhibits, such as the Chemistry of Candy-which included “Floating Letters,” and how to create sour candies; Engineering Chemistry-with robots and computers; Sports Chemistry-including how balls bounce; and Body Chemistry with tests for lung capacity and electrolytes in drinks, there was something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to these separate events, a Magic Show was held, which demonstrated the effects of different combinations of chemicals. Involved in the “magic” were balloons filled with helium, the release of gases from packing peanuts, and mixtures showing acids and bases in chemical combinations.Magic Show

When kids were asked what their favorite part of the day was, LCTV got many different answers: “Probably the Candy Chemistry…Making the silly putty…I liked the magic show, because I love science…”

Hosted by Loras College, the goal of the event was to teach about chemistry, and encourage youth to consider a career in science. Even if they did not understand that method, parents and kids found the event to be fun and informative.

The Loras College Science Department has put the event on for a couple of years, so if you are interested, be sure to consider coming.Kids Involved

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