Saying goodbye to Cafe Fraiche

DUBUQUE – Finding a French-style cuisine in Dubuque just got a little more difficult.

The popular restaurant, Café Fraiche, closed on Sunday, Sept. 10, 2017.

This popular venue has only been open for two year but was well-known for their savory breakfast items, charming ambiance, and friendly staff.

Co-owner Kelicia Kelley says, “We treat everybody like family when you walk in… We have a lot of regulars that come in.”

With regulars coming in for over a year, it is natural to get to know the customers. Kelicia’s mother, Patricia Apel, has a special connection with Café Fraiche and the family atmosphere because she met her husband there.

“I’m newly remarried. I met my husband here at the Café. He was coming in every day. Our staff called him every day Gerry.”

Within months the couple was married. This was a huge change of pace for Gerry who had never been married before.

Patricia added, “He became a father, a grandfather, marriage, restaurant owner, and he was fortunate enough to get on a lung transplant list.”

The couple was married in November 2016 and Gerry receive a new set of lungs in the spring of 2017. The lungs allow him to move a lot faster, but all that can change in a matter of seconds. As Gerry speeds up, Patricia is slowing down to take care of Gerry.

“He needs 24-hour care and I’ve tried my best to run both and take care of him, but between my passions and responsibilities, my daughters understand that Gerry is number one,” said Patricia.

The customers understand the reason for the closing but are holding their breath for what’s next.

Patricia says that the break is necessary, but she does not think it will be her last business: “We’re either going to travel or I’m sure I’ll be right back into doing another business.”

Café Fraiche will have a décor sale on September 21st and 22nd from 12pm-7pm.

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