Relief from Dubuque

DUBUQUE, IA – Over the past couple of weeks, Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma have devastated the Southern United States. In Hurricane Harvey alone, there are at least seventy people dead and billions of dollars in damages. While the current toll of Hurricane Irma has not been determined, similar damage statistics are expected.

People from all over the country have started to donate water, food, clothes, and other essential items for storm victims. In the city of Dubuque, efforts have been underway to assist Harvey survivors since the storm ended.

Josh Jasper and the workers of Resources Unite! have teamed up with the workers of Green Acres Storage in Dubuque to collect donations for Hurricane Harvey. Either organization will accept donations, which will be placed in climate-controlled storage units at Green Acres. The donations will then be shipped out using semi tractor-trailers from Penske Truck Rental. 

Jasper expressed excitement over the amount of donations the groups have already received. He said, “The community response has been great. You know, in a very short time, we’ve had enough water to fill an entire semi, which is nineteen palettes of water…” With more donations coming in, he is confident that it will make a difference for the people of Texas.

The donations will be shipped to the Texas National Guard for distribution on Friday, September 15, 2017. 

The focus has currently been on Hurricane Harvey efforts. Resources Unite, as of their last communication with LCTV News, are hoping to gather donations for Hurricane Irma. However, they won’t have a plan for that until the Hurricane Harvey supplies have been shipped.

To learn more about either organization or to ask about future relief projects, you can visit Resources Unite or Green Acres Storage on the web. You can also visit YouTube to see the complete story and newscast.

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