Phoenix Theatres Rise

DUBUQUE, IA – Rising from the ashes, a new movie theater enters the Dubuque social scene.

Located in Kennedy Mall where the former Mindframe Theaters used to be, Phoenix Theatres offers a new space for moviegoers to enjoy. It may not be as popular as Mindframe yet, but General Manager Stephanie Rainey is optimistic that the new theater will be well-received by the community. She also expressed the hope that the company would take an active interest in Dubuque as well.

In talking to LCTV News, Rainey explained the various improvements the theater undertook. “We have the fully reclining, heated seats, we’re serving alcohol here…we came in here, and we just cleaned everything up, and just tried to improve it to a standard that we think, you know, everyone deserves to watch movies at…”

The seats are a special selling point. Unlike other theaters, the Phoenix Theatre chain, headquartered in Michigan, makes an effort to have mechanical, reclining seats, complete with temperature control.

While the new amenities are nice, people in Dubuque are wondering what is going to happen to the social events that Mindframe Theaters used to host. Rainey said that the Phoenix administration is planning to continue these traditions, including hosting local independent films.

She also said that there hasn’t been too much negativity since the new theater was founded, and that it has been busy since its grand opening on April 6.

If you would like to learn more about the theatre and find information on showtimes, you may visit their website. You may also see the story on LCTV’s YouTube page.

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