Opening Doors starts new program, Just Like Home

DUBUQUE – Opening Doors begins a new program to teach women jobs skills in a unique way.

It’s called Just Like Home.

It involves the women at the Maria House filling mason jars with dry ingredients. Together, they make a peppermint hot chocolate mix or a chocolate chip cookie mix.

Program Director Sister Kathy Flynn says the goal isn’t to make monjust-like-homeey, but to provide lessons to the women.

She said, “The real goal is to have some kind of a product where the women can practice the life skills and the job skills that they both have already and don’t even know it, and those that we’re gonna be developing.”

Sister Kathy Flynn says that the mason jars are perfect for Christmas gifts. However, she stresses that people place their orders before December 10 in order to get them by Christmas.

To order, you can call 563-582-7480 and ask for Sister Kathy Flynn or Ann Lorenz.

You can also email Sister Kathy Flynn at

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