Not a Hit for Nits: New Dubuque Clinic tackles Head Lice

DUBUQUE, IA – In late January, a new kind of clinic came to Dubuque, using state-of-the-art technology to combat the problem of head lice.

Located at 3345 Hillcrest Road, the Dubuque branch of the Lice Clinics of America has recently started treating the pests with a chemical-free method. Run by sisters Bess Hayes and Kellie Hancock, the clinic specializes in treating children of families who are experiencing lice problems.

The clinic primarily uses the Airalle(R) Treatment, a trademarked approach used by lice centers across the country. The Airalle Treatment involves combing the patient’s hair with a device which uses heated air to suffocate and dehydrate the bugs and their eggs. The heated air poses no risk to the patients, and according to Hayes, is safer than using shampoos or chemicals to try and treat lice problems.


Hayes also said that the heated air treatment is becoming more important every year. She said, “The lice have grown resistant to the pesticides and stuff over-the-counter- so that’s why a lot of the time, I mean, they’re calling it super lice because, lately, they’ve just been hard to get rid of…” Thus, she argued that the Airalle process is the most effective method for removing lice and their eggs.

To help prevent lice, the sisters recommended that parents help keep their kids’ hair back, and avoid wearing hats or articles of clothing belonging to other people. They also suggested that parents check their kids’ hair regularly, and to take action if any problems arise.

The treatment center is the first lice clinic in Dubuque, and one of only a few lice clinics in the state of Iowa. Anyone who has questions or concerns about lice may contact the clinic at 563-556-0755, or at The entire LCTV News story can be found at


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